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Inconclusive Miracles

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Apr 3 - Apr 26, 2012
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

At The French Cultural Center

Event Description

Photographic collages of the Garonne valley in southwest France by Amy Ragus.

Artist's statement:

Inconclusive Miracles

Images in this show are my response to situations and places observed on a trip to Auvillar France and the surrounding Garonne Region. I had not visited France in decades and I was struck immediately by the radical differences between my suburban Massachusetts environment and that of Auvillar.

On my first day in France a profound quiet descended on me like a soft shroud. The lack of consumer clutter and frenetic distractions was palpable. The result was a homogeneity of tone - more air between the buildings. More space to breathe.

My bedroom at Moulin a Nef looked out to the Garonne river and was along  the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Every day my ears picked up the tap tap tap of walking sticks as they moved past the ancient Chapel of Saint Catherine and up the steep hill to the town center. I mused on the unknown numbers who had walked thousands of miles along these paths. What were they after? Had their presence charged the content of the air?

In some important ways, all artists are pilgrims in search of the miraculous. In France, a mysterious ether seemed to emerge in the material I was gathering through my camera, and through my senses and experiences. 

To speak of miracles is often excused and made light of. Who can say?
As an artist my spirit shifts and moulds the materials I choose to focus on.
Are there miracles there? It isn't up to me to decide. 


Art Opening: Wednesday, April 11 - Exhibit: April 3 - 26

Image above: Memory, Auvillar

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