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Event Information

Thursday, Sep 27, 2012
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

At The French Cultural Center

See event description for pricing information.
RSVP Recommended (call 617-912-0400)

Event Description

L'Apéro is a great way for international Francophiles and French-loving Boston professionals to come together and socialize en français while enjoying some wine, a bit of fromage, and the latest art exhibit. Practice your French in a low-key, fun setting with fellow French language enthusiasts.

This month, we will have the pleasure of mingling with faculty and students from the French Language Section of Boston University’s Department of Romance Studies.

About L'Apéro (short for l'apéritif)
(n) désigne le moment de convivialité où des personnes se retrouvent pour discuter.
(noun) a friendly get-together where people enjoy libations and conversations.

Members, students, and seniors $10 - Non-members $15

All levels of French are welcome. 21+ only.

Un grand merci to Pain D’Avignon for kindly donating French baguettes for this event.


53 Marlborough Street, Boston, MA 02116 | 617.912.0400